FINE CLIMBING SYSTEM is a multi system with a simple and solid structure easy to assemble and disassemble and can be used together with MIGHTY FORM and UNI-WALL FORM SYSTEM by just replacing of some assembled parts and especially can be easily used with other foreign systems.

FINE CLIMBING SYSTEM is the suitable system for the single faced wall form which can not use form-ties such as wall construction of DAM and DOCKS. This system can be used high concrete wall form works promptly and safely.

In addition, it can be used slope wall conveniently by adjusting the angle of form panel and working deck freely.

The ultimate product for the construction of high composite wall concrete structure 

Guaranteed high performance of construction of a high concrete retaining wall such as Dam and Dock without form ties.

Concrete wall on a slope can be constructed quite freely

Guaranteed high performance of concrete wall on a slope by simply adjusting of Form panel and Working deck freely.

Possible to use with various form panels

Possible to use with Mighty-6 & Mighty-12 form panel system and Uni-wall system by replacement of minor parts and also compatible with panels of other systems





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