This composite material panel for construction is made of LFT (Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics, PP+GF), which has very low density, but high specific strength compared with metal materials.

At a low weight, the LFT panel (L-panel) offers high technical values for the user. Due to the incompatibility with concrete, the concrete finish is almost smooth. It is used for slab and wall.


Why revolutionary product?

  • High number of repeat use-can be used as many as 80 times, 30%+ costs saved.

  • Outstanding physical quality-High strength, low shrinkage rate, water-proofing, etc.

  • Fine concrete finish-very clean and neat concrete finish, much better than the finish with plywood.

  • Light, easy handing-very light, can replaced plywood easily without training.

  • Pervious to light-semi-transparent, additional lighting not required even in underground works.

  •  Environment friendly-save wood resources, PP can be recycled.