• Site Location: Songsan-myeon Dangjin-gun, Chungnam

  • The construction Name: Construction of Hyundai Steel, Integrated Steel Mill Plate Factory

  • Ordering Organization: Hyundai Steel

  • Constructor: Amco Co.,Ltd

  • Subcontractor: Nanjing ENG Civil Engineering Co.,Ltd

  • Delivery Date: December 2007

FINE MIGHTY WALL FORM SYSTEM is made as a large gang form panel of various shapes by combining modularized panels in order to install and move at once and it is designed to minimize weight to move the wider gang form panel with a crane (about 50kg/m2).

FINE MIGHTY WALL FORM SYSTEM is designed to assemble of panel promptly with a small number of workers by using only a hammer with less number of panel clamps. Our Form-tie System is designed uniquely for easy use at less cost.

FINE MIGHTY FORM FACE PANEL is made plastic laminated water proof plywood which leaves fine concrete surface and almost no need cleaning by merely using a small amount of form oil. This face panel has strong durability that can be used more than 100 times It can be simply repaired damaged parts such as scratches or broken holes and use economically by replacing of worn face panel easily.

FINE MIGHTY WALL & COLUMN FORM SYSTEM use the same panel and accessories as concrete wall form and column form and can be formed just by replacing a clamp. It is a real economical system by being use with no double materials and higher compatibility of making various size of columns by adjusting at 50mm intervals according to the size of columns.

FINE MIGHTY COLUMN FORM SYSTEM can complete panel assembly by clamping a few panel clamps at each corners without using form-ties and even tall columns higher than 6 meters can constructed promptly with a small number of workers. This is a certified product for economical feasibility by the superior surface of concrete which is no need another finishing works.